Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dark Spiral

This is the Dark Spiral is a ship that i made for the soul purpose of being fast, menuverable, powerful, and stealthy this ship has three sets of guns and a set of in-flight controlable missiles it has two guns mounted level with the cockpit that are able to rotate up and down then it has a set of guns mounted on each wing that are fixed in the forward position and then it has two proton laser cannons that are mounted on the wings that produce a much more powerful blast this ship has a storage area that is very unconventional in fact i have never seen it done ever the back canopy of the cockpit has three robotic arms that lift it up to reveal a storage area this ship has some unconventional landing gear also because i used handrail for the gear i think this ship is pretty cool and i love the color pallet of it please tell me what you think ENJOY!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hell's Tooth

This is MINION's Starfighter "Hell's Tooth" this ship features twin laser cannons on top and four laser cannons that are mounted onthe wing level it also had two in-flight controlable missiles this ship is equipped with a hyperdrive and is very fast and manuverable it has a particle shield generator but it cannot sustain very large fire for long periods of time the ship has a very unconventional method of hinge for the cockpit you should check out I have never seen it done this way before maby I have found something new :) it has a hidden storage compartment and the missle really come out the wings fold down and act as landing gear for the ship to rest on here are some images of it for you to check out ENJOY!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Jedi Civil War Era Swoop Bike

This is a swoop bike that i made it is a repulsor lift vehicle that was used during the time of the Galactic Empire these bikes could travel several miles above the surface of the planet and were usually open cockpitted vehicles they could travel in excess of 600 miles an hour and were used by gangs and for racing after that Galactic Empire outlawed podraceing they very easily wrecked because of only having to frontal flaps to control them and being able to go in excess of 600 miles an hour...these two factors can be a deadly combo if you dont know what your doing I hope you like my version of the swoop bike ill post a pic of one for a reference image and sorry about the tan Background i dont have a large enough area of
white to take the pictures in

Here's a reference image

Check out this Link!

Hey guys check outmy friend Darth Zamma's site hes got some pretty good minifigs and such on there!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Kerestian Bounty Hunter

Name: Dramen
Species: Kerestian
Planet of Origin: Kerest

This is a Kerestian bounty hunter that I made he uses a double sided Dark Stick and a special blaster(which is actually one of those new batman tommy guns with a cylider on it) a dark stick a is a weapon similar to a bommerang but it has a laser blade that comes out of the handle and has almost the equal cutting power of a lightsaber when thrown properly it can return to the user like a boomerang he wears a phrik alloy helmet and armor so he doesnt have to worry about lightsabers and his helmet also acts a breathing device for non-oxygen enriched environments

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Messor's Acolytes

Names: Exitium(top) and Eversia(right)

Affiliation: Sith acolytes

Species: Human, Anzati

Facts: these are Letrum Messor's acolytes they woke him from his stasis on Korriban and immediately they bowed before him and pledged their alegience to his teachings they wear ancient sith armor that has been strengthened by sith alchemy and they also wear helmets strengthened my sith alchemy they use sabers that are made a an extremely rare metal that was fond on Korriban that was said to increase the flow of dark side energies through the user they have black saber blades created by their master they are not a powerful as his blade but they can cut through any type of metal the blades were made by taking a lightsaber crystal and performing sith alchemy on them which tainted them black they have been trained in many of the dark arts and are very good at lightsaber combat and skilled in many force abillities Exitium and Eversia are Latin words meaning destruction Exitium is a human male and wear a mask to hide his face the reason for this is not known why Eversia is an Anzati male and had sith tatoos applied to his face to show his devotion to his master

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Letrum Messor

Species: Sith

Name: Letrum Messor

Planet of Origin: Ziot then relocated to Korriban

Facts: The new sith lord has revealed himself and his name is Letrum Messor. The name Letrum Messor is Latin for the words "death reaper" he is a pure sith which were beleived to be extinct until he was woken from his stasis chamber on Korriban by two young dark jedi who were converted to be his acolytes he wears ancient sith armor and wears a sith alchemy stranghtened helmet the armor can withstand a straight stab from a saber and can withstand blaster bolts also the helmet he was and understudy of Marka Ragnos and learned all of his abilities and the abilities of the next dark lord Naga Sadow and he put himself in a stasis on Korriban shortly after the Great Hyperspace War he uses a lightsaber that is very unique in that fact the the blade is black and the crystal that powers his blade is made of pure darkside energy and the blade is extremely powerful it can cut through any type of metal including madalorian iron phrik alloy and cortosis the blade cannot be shorted out by cortosis and in fact it will short out other lightsabers the only lightsaber that can parry his is one powered by a synth crystal that is being used by a true darksider

he has an assasain whos name is Darth Sceleris and pics of him will be revealed in his new sith armor later

Abilities: Letrum Messor is a master is life drain given his name the death reaper he is also very talented in sith alchemy, sith lightning, force cloak, force concealment, force speed, force choke, levitaion and force aura he uses and aggresive style of lightsaber fighting that is very similar to vaapad all together i think that he a very formidable foe

Monday, April 24, 2006

A New Sith Lord Has Revealed Himself

There is a new sith lord that has awoken from his stasis and he has gathered his minions and assasins and he will be arriving VERY soon and he will not be happy......check it out tomarrow to see who he is HAHAHAHAHAH

Repulsor-Lift Bubble Car

This is the the Second version of the "Bubble Car"which is an upgraded version of Darth Zamma's because unlike Zamma's bubble car which is used only for transportaion this car can be used as a fighter also this caris a one person repulsor-lift vehicle which was manufactored by Aratech Repulsorlift Company which is known for many of the star wars wehicals seen in the movies like the clone swamp speeder and the BARC speeder this speeder has a shield generator that folds out of the side of it and has twin laser cannons that are fixed in the forward position its has a pretty nice interior its has a hidden lightsaber clip on the inside it has a laser cannon on the back of the ship that is designed for cover fire in the back because of its two fixed guns in the front despite its small size it has a very strong shield generator that cannot be broke throuh by anything like a shot from a Death Star like superweapon which makes it a pretty had little ship to take down beings something with the fire power of a death star is not fast enough or accurate enough to shoot it while this ship is moving because of its durable design this ship is not very monuverable but it does have a hyperdrive installed in it which makes it more useful but very long spce travels in this ship are dicouraged because it can be somewhat "cramped" for its larger pilots.........i think that this is a pretty cool little fighter and i hope you like it also please leave your comments they are appreciated. PUCK!