Friday, April 28, 2006

Jedi Civil War Era Swoop Bike

This is a swoop bike that i made it is a repulsor lift vehicle that was used during the time of the Galactic Empire these bikes could travel several miles above the surface of the planet and were usually open cockpitted vehicles they could travel in excess of 600 miles an hour and were used by gangs and for racing after that Galactic Empire outlawed podraceing they very easily wrecked because of only having to frontal flaps to control them and being able to go in excess of 600 miles an hour...these two factors can be a deadly combo if you dont know what your doing I hope you like my version of the swoop bike ill post a pic of one for a reference image and sorry about the tan Background i dont have a large enough area of
white to take the pictures in

Here's a reference image


Blogger LegosPwn said...

I like it...I love how those wheels make better "boosters" than tires. I've used them extensively. Did you see my "swoop bike?" I have a "wolf-pack" guy piloting it, but it was definitely built with star-wars in mind. It's called the Bladehog on my blog. You should check out my Myspace blog too. I tend to post there more often because of the interface. It's not good for picture'll have to go somewhere else. For Legos, Brickshef is very good. The URL for my other Legos blog is

Keep building...I've been doing it for over 20 years...i'v got tons of experience and it just keeps getting better.


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