Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Letrum Messor

Species: Sith

Name: Letrum Messor

Planet of Origin: Ziot then relocated to Korriban

Facts: The new sith lord has revealed himself and his name is Letrum Messor. The name Letrum Messor is Latin for the words "death reaper" he is a pure sith which were beleived to be extinct until he was woken from his stasis chamber on Korriban by two young dark jedi who were converted to be his acolytes he wears ancient sith armor and wears a sith alchemy stranghtened helmet the armor can withstand a straight stab from a saber and can withstand blaster bolts also the helmet he was and understudy of Marka Ragnos and learned all of his abilities and the abilities of the next dark lord Naga Sadow and he put himself in a stasis on Korriban shortly after the Great Hyperspace War he uses a lightsaber that is very unique in that fact the the blade is black and the crystal that powers his blade is made of pure darkside energy and the blade is extremely powerful it can cut through any type of metal including madalorian iron phrik alloy and cortosis the blade cannot be shorted out by cortosis and in fact it will short out other lightsabers the only lightsaber that can parry his is one powered by a synth crystal that is being used by a true darksider

he has an assasain whos name is Darth Sceleris and pics of him will be revealed in his new sith armor later

Abilities: Letrum Messor is a master is life drain given his name the death reaper he is also very talented in sith alchemy, sith lightning, force cloak, force concealment, force speed, force choke, levitaion and force aura he uses and aggresive style of lightsaber fighting that is very similar to vaapad all together i think that he a very formidable foe


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