Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Messor's Acolytes

Names: Exitium(top) and Eversia(right)

Affiliation: Sith acolytes

Species: Human, Anzati

Facts: these are Letrum Messor's acolytes they woke him from his stasis on Korriban and immediately they bowed before him and pledged their alegience to his teachings they wear ancient sith armor that has been strengthened by sith alchemy and they also wear helmets strengthened my sith alchemy they use sabers that are made a an extremely rare metal that was fond on Korriban that was said to increase the flow of dark side energies through the user they have black saber blades created by their master they are not a powerful as his blade but they can cut through any type of metal the blades were made by taking a lightsaber crystal and performing sith alchemy on them which tainted them black they have been trained in many of the dark arts and are very good at lightsaber combat and skilled in many force abillities Exitium and Eversia are Latin words meaning destruction Exitium is a human male and wear a mask to hide his face the reason for this is not known why Eversia is an Anzati male and had sith tatoos applied to his face to show his devotion to his master


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