Tuesday, April 11, 2006


This is Minion. he is an assasain droid that that has been trained in every fighting style known he has been trained to fight with a variety of weapons and has learned every stealth technique that is known he has a calculating system that allows him to have a kind of predetection of things almost like the force he has body heat detection system and infared sight so he can se beyond force cloak he is made out of cortosis alloy and has wings that fold out of his back allowing him to fly he has a light mace and a saber staff that he fights with he has repulsorlift elements in his body parts and magnetic feet and hands to grab his saber if he ever drops them he has been seen working for many with not much other than the specifications of him is know it is not known where he was created but this is know that he hates jedi with every gear in his body and has assisted many sith lords. I like him here you go


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