Monday, April 24, 2006

Repulsor-Lift Bubble Car

This is the the Second version of the "Bubble Car"which is an upgraded version of Darth Zamma's because unlike Zamma's bubble car which is used only for transportaion this car can be used as a fighter also this caris a one person repulsor-lift vehicle which was manufactored by Aratech Repulsorlift Company which is known for many of the star wars wehicals seen in the movies like the clone swamp speeder and the BARC speeder this speeder has a shield generator that folds out of the side of it and has twin laser cannons that are fixed in the forward position its has a pretty nice interior its has a hidden lightsaber clip on the inside it has a laser cannon on the back of the ship that is designed for cover fire in the back because of its two fixed guns in the front despite its small size it has a very strong shield generator that cannot be broke throuh by anything like a shot from a Death Star like superweapon which makes it a pretty had little ship to take down beings something with the fire power of a death star is not fast enough or accurate enough to shoot it while this ship is moving because of its durable design this ship is not very monuverable but it does have a hyperdrive installed in it which makes it more useful but very long spce travels in this ship are dicouraged because it can be somewhat "cramped" for its larger pilots.........i think that this is a pretty cool little fighter and i hope you like it also please leave your comments they are appreciated. PUCK!


Blogger Darth Parartus said...

Awesome Cockpit.

7:54 AM  
Blogger LegosPwn said...

I really like the cockpit too...very unique.

8:43 AM  

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