Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dark Spiral

This is the Dark Spiral is a ship that i made for the soul purpose of being fast, menuverable, powerful, and stealthy this ship has three sets of guns and a set of in-flight controlable missiles it has two guns mounted level with the cockpit that are able to rotate up and down then it has a set of guns mounted on each wing that are fixed in the forward position and then it has two proton laser cannons that are mounted on the wings that produce a much more powerful blast this ship has a storage area that is very unconventional in fact i have never seen it done ever the back canopy of the cockpit has three robotic arms that lift it up to reveal a storage area this ship has some unconventional landing gear also because i used handrail for the gear i think this ship is pretty cool and i love the color pallet of it please tell me what you think ENJOY!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hell's Tooth

This is MINION's Starfighter "Hell's Tooth" this ship features twin laser cannons on top and four laser cannons that are mounted onthe wing level it also had two in-flight controlable missiles this ship is equipped with a hyperdrive and is very fast and manuverable it has a particle shield generator but it cannot sustain very large fire for long periods of time the ship has a very unconventional method of hinge for the cockpit you should check out I have never seen it done this way before maby I have found something new :) it has a hidden storage compartment and the missle really come out the wings fold down and act as landing gear for the ship to rest on here are some images of it for you to check out ENJOY!